Tamarack Education Program (TEP)

In Uganda, Girls’ education varies from region to region. While there is an increase in the number of girls attending school, girls continue to encounter challenges that hinder them from completing school. Around 35% of girls drop out of school due to marriage and 23% drop out due to teenage pregnancies. Poverty is the largest contributor to low standards in girls education forcing girls to drop out of school because they lack basic scholastic needs to keep in school. Girls continue to be victims of sexual abuse forcing them to drop out of school. Unfortunately, when girls are not supported to attain education, chance are higher that sexual abuse will reoccur. Educating and empowering girls would help reduce on teenage pregnancies, child marraiges and at the same time create future opportunities. Tamarack Education Program aims at empowering vulnerable girls in communities in Uganda access education.

Our Approach: We identify vulnerable girls in our target communities- (Central, Eastern and Western Uganda), assess the impact of vulnerability to their education and solicit for financial support to enable girls complete school. While the TEP focus on supporting vulnerable girls access education, priority is given to girls that have been victims of violence and need to rejoin/resume school.

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