In Uganda, health challenges threaten the well-being of Ugandans, including under-5 mortality, malnutrition, HIV/AIDS and Malaria. A Ugandan's health and life expectancy is among the lowest across the globe. In Uganda, one in every 200 births ends the mother's life, around 1 million people are living with HIV and although malaria accounts for 14% of all deaths, less than 10% of children under five are sleeping under insecticide-treated nets. Uganda’s persistently high maternal mortality rate of 438 per 100,000 live births is attributed to a weak health system. With a generalized HIV prevalence estimated at 6% nationally, Uganda continues to struggle to attain the SDG targets.

At DEC we focus on improving both the supply and demand of health services, tackling social barriers, engaging a range of health service providers including government, private sector as well as empowering health rights holders to hold service providers to account while recognizing that government is the duty-bearer in the provision of health care and articulation of health policy.

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