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Development Expertise Centre

is a registered non-governmental Organization established in 2015 with an aim to inspire and empower communities create lasting solutions to Poverty and Social Injustice.

We work with communities over a period of time to create lasting solutions to poverty. Our focus group are women, young people and children.

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Email: admin@decuganda.org


Communities empowered to end Poverty and Social InjusticeS.

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ZAHARAH, Nansereko




SHARON, Nakangu


We Specialize In

Our Program Areas

01. Sexual Reproductive Health

At DEC, we focus on Menstrual health management and making of reusable pads, using community theatre to educate young people on their sexuality, conducting integrated sexual reproductive health/ family planning/ HIV testing services as a move to increase access of SRH products and services among young people.

02. Gender-based violence

At DEC we work towards preventing gender based violence by providing information, referring /reporting cases of violence, providing psychosocial and economic support to victims of violence

03. Health

At DEC we focus on improving both the supply and demand of health services, tackling social barriers, engaging a range of health service providers including government, private sector as well as empowering health rights holders to hold service providers to account while recognizing that government is the duty-bearer in the provision of health care and articulation of health policy.

04. Livelihood

At DEC we recorginize that in order to succeed in our mission, we must ensure that people leaving in poverty can meet their basic food needs and that their livelihoods are secure from environment shocks. In doing this, our interventions focus on fixing on the long-term progress and well-being of our communities. To achieve this, our actions and programs focus on improving food security, fostering resilience to climate change, skills development, financial and enterprise development to women and youth.